my mom my hero andika putra.


To me you are a hero
To me you are a fighter
Formidable fighter who does not give up easily
Formidable fighter who is not afraid to fall
             Have you ever asked me remuneration
             Have you ever charging for sincerity
             Or have you asked for in return for all this
             Of course not.
                         Am I able to respond sincerity
                         Am I able memblas your righteousness
                         Am I able to respond during this pengorbanamu
                         Today I say it is not easy for me
                                     Without you if I was going to be born                                               into  this world, not
                                     Without you I would be great if it is no
                                     Without you if I'll last long here, not
For me life is my life,
And you life is my life
To me you are my heaven
To me you are everything
I will always pray and ask God that you may be offered salvation
Thank you mom for all you've given me (I love you)

You are my hero.........







 B Y : Anak,mu


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